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Bank Independent IT Audit

Isotech, Inc. can perform an Independent GLBA/IT audit and network assessment for your bank in the states of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas.

An Isotech, Inc. IT/GLBA Audit and Network Assessment of your bank's information systems will help you comply with regulatory guidance, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and industry best practices.

An Isotech, Inc. IT/GLBA Audit and Assessment analyzes existing Information Technology infrastructure, compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, policies and procedures, and security controls.  Comprehensive network vulnerabilities are tested from the inside and outside for every path of communication between bank personnel and the public. The post audit report documentation notebook will include formal findings and recommendations as well as audit work papers.

Topics included in the Scope of the Audit.

  • Written  and practiced IT Policies evaluation.
  • Internal Wired and Wireless Network Discovery.
  • Penetration testing on all allocated IP addresses and phone lines.
  • IT Management responsibilities and committee meeting documentation.
  • Vendor management and verification processes.
  • Risk Management and Information Security.
  • Premises Security and Personnel Awareness.
  • Data backup and recovery processes.
  • FedLine procedure security.
  • E-Banking and Web Site vulnerabilities.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuance.
  • Identity Theft Prevention Program Red-Flag Policy.
  • Remote Deposit Capture.
  • Post audit assistance in answering the controlling agencies IT Audit questionnaire.
  • Explanation of current trends and recommendations to protect customer data.

 FFIEC IT Examination Handbook states, "The frequency of testing should be determined by the institution's risk assessment. High-risk systems should be subject to an independent diagnostic test at least once a year."

Request a Quote by e-mail or call Isotech, Inc. - A sample Scope of Audit will be available.  Much of the security requirements for banking applies to business.  A custom audit for your specific business can provide assurance to your customers that their information is safe within your IT systems.

Managed Resource Providers

Don't have the budget to hire a dedicated Information Technology staff?  Or do you have specific areas that cannot be filled by only one person's expertise? Let Isotech, Inc. be your company's IT department.  Our contract rates fit any business environment.  Customers with domain servers and multiple workstations are our specialty.  Schedule a meeting today in order to find the level of service that suits your company needs.

Some of the benefits of being on MRP contract with Isotech, Inc.  can include:

  • Remote monitoring of critical systems
  • Central point of contact for all computer and network issues
  • Faster response time for server issues
  • Price breaks for work beyond regular contract hours
  • Documentation of all onsite and remote maintenance

For more information on our Phone Systems and Internet Services for Business, please visit our Voice & Data area.


If your business has multiple computers and / or a server, making sure that everything stays up and running is priority number one.  Isotech, Inc. will provide a basic analysis to check on the performance of your internet and interoffice communications.  By taking stock of your systems, we will eliminate points of failure without completely restructuring your network.  Transitions are almost imperceptible except for the improved performance!  Let us install modern managed switches to replace your outdated 10Mb equipment.  We can also replace your residential grade firewalls with a Commercial Grade VPN firewall.  If you need access to your office from home, we will lay out your best options for telecommuting.

Structured Wiring

When walking into an office, cables that are snaked around desks and criss-crossed on the floor and in hallways become an eyesore and a safety hazard.  Do not wait for your office to get this way!  Isotech, Inc. can provides structured wiring services for customers who need the flexibility of voice, data, and / or video communications in every room of their offices.  The best option is to get this wiring out of the way before your building is complete.  No more loose ends laying on the floor - numbered faceplates makes moving a desk or office so much easier.  With all the cabling meeting at one central location, you won't have to go searching through dozens of plugs to find the one you need.  Patch cables allow the flexibility of using phone or data at any faceplate location.  Image the ease of moving someone's phone system extension with this setup!


acer systems commercial grade components are what make these systems workhorses in the business world.  Designed for heavy 8+ hours per day use, these systems come with standard three year warranties.  E-mail, Internet, and Office applications become a breeze to work with.  For those in need of media powerhouse custom-builds are configured to bring out the most powerful computer for your needs.  Audio, Graphic, and Video editing are a breeze with these high-powered machines.


Let us build and configure your Windows Servers for use in Microsoft Exchange communications, and high availability file / domain servers.  Our latest systems include  Processors with 64 bi support.  Customers can have these systems configured with up to 4 - 8 or 16GB of RAM.  Our hot-swappable 5 x high GB drive  RAID Arrays allow for nearly continuous uptime of files and Exchange processes.  With the redundant power supplies and battery backup, your server will be available for years.  Many of our servers are available 99.9% of the time every year.*

When you order servers from companies like Dell or HP, you get a box by UPS and a set of instructions.  With a custom built server from Isotech, Inc. you receive a full integration into your existing networks.  Before the system even gets to your location, it is assembled, the operating system is loaded, the  Anti Virus software is installed, and the latest security patches are updated.  Once we bring the system to your location, the security policies are put into place, shared Calendars and Contact are configured, File Sharing / Network Drives are set up, and the Backup Schedules are ready to run.

*Most server maintenance involves Microsoft Security updates.  These updates usually require the system to be rebooted.  These security release occur the second Tuesday of every month and a reboot can take up to 5 minutes.  In addition, failed hard drives require RAID arrays to be rebuilt at the earliest available time.  100+ GB Hard drives can take 4-5 hours to rebuild and work with the system.  While rare, the likelihood that one hard drive failure will occur is multiplied by the number of drives.  Hot spare drives included in our systems ensure that your system will still function until the failed drive can be replaced.  The effects of unplanned power outages can be minimized with the use of commercial grade battery backups and potentially, propane or gas generators if necessary.
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