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Isotech has been helping small business grow and large businesses flourish for many years.  The most important aspect in business is maintaining constant communication with customers and vendors.  Customers will always want to be able to pick up their phone and get in contact with you.  If you cannot miss those calls, look at our talkswitch Phone System with voicemail, auto-attendant, and remote message notification.  For business e-mails and presence on the web, please visit our Web Hosting section.

Voice / Data

How much are you spending every month on Phone lines and Internet?  Let Isotech analyze your monthly communication expenses and find the best solution for you.  Customers with 3 or more phone lines and DSL / Cable may be able to save money with a solution from NuVox.  As NuVox resellers, Isotech can compare rates for the many service provider choices in your area - and we will not try to sell you something you do not need!  Enterprise level customers with great need for an always on connection will enjoy the reliability that a T1's service level agreement can give.

Phone Systems

The TalkSwitch 400 and 800 series are powerful phone systems with features able to handle calls with a professional image.  Auto Attendants provide a great way to route customers or answer calls during closed office hours.  Voicemail with remote access means that your employees can check their office messages from any touch tone phone.  As your business expands, the TalkSwitch can expand with you!  The standard 4 incoming lines, 8 extensions system is ideal for small offices, but you can combine up to 4 TalkSwitch systems for 16 incoming lines and 32 extensions!  Do you have telecommuting workers or multiple branches?  TalkSwitch units can communicate with each other to aggregate lines when they are in the same network.  They can also talk to each other across the internet for seamless transitions between offices.  Your remote workers can just plug any of the TalkSwitch IP phones into their home internet with minimal configuration and they instantly have a VoIP connection to your office phone lines and voicemail.
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