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The History of Isotech, Inc.

Tony & Eileen Holland incorporated Isotech, Inc. in June of 1986. The company started as an independent sales organization working for Unisys Corporation, supporting one of their proprietary operating systems. Isotech supported hardware, supported software, and wrote custom programs for customers as needed.

Technology changed, Unisys sold their proprietary systems to an off-shore company, and forced their (ISO’s) to change direction for their businesses. Unisys converted customers to the Windows operating systems, thus our new direction and commitment to the windows platform.

While working with many small to medium size business, Tony & Eileen saw a great need in the area for computer skills that their 35 plus years of experience in the industry, could offer.

The old “Good Times Bar” in Trimble, MO. was run down and vacant. They approached the owner about opening the building as a technology resource center in Nov 2000. Isotech, Inc. opened business as a business solution provider. Isotech, Inc. provided local fax, copy, and printing services while maintaining a High speed internet café. Isotech. Inc. sells systems, services computers, and installs both wired and wireless networks. Isotech, Inc. also began local internet dialup service for the Rural Missouri areas between Gower, Plattsburg and Smithville.

In 2005 Isotech, Inc started another adventure. The KCCoyote brand Wireless Broadband Internet service was founded. We began rolling out High Speed Wireless Broadband  Internet to the rural Missouri communities of Smithville, Trimble, Gower, Plattsburg and surrounding areas. 2005 was just the beginning as we had customers waiting for our new service in all areas.  In 2009 the KCCoyote networks were improved and expanded as we moved from T1s to  fiber optics for the source of our networks. KCCoyote, Inc was incorporated in July 2009. By 2010 KCCoyote, Inc customers were in a coverage area of over 750 sq miles.  Licensed 3.65 gHz links and 2.5 gHz  and 5.8 gHz MIMO Customer Premise equipment was deployed to offer higher customer speeds rivaling service in major metropolitan areas.
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