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Isotech, Inc. provides more than a crash course in how to use you computer.  We provide one-on-one training for specific programs such as Microsoft Office products and QuickBooks.  We will show you how to run through every-day use of the most commonly used items on your system.  Instead of going to every detail and every menu of Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, we show you how to get the most of the program to suit your needs.  Isotech, Inc. can teach you how to find new features on your own by consulting the help files and documentation.


Eileen Holland, Isotech, Inc. Vice-President, is an official QuickBooks Professional Advisor.  Not only can we help you set up your accounting software to work best with your company, we can also provide a custom payroll service.  After the initial training, we also have different levels of follow up support.


Our introductory classes include three main areas:

  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Introduction to Internet / E-mail
  3. Introduction to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

We provide Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced instruction to customers interested in learning more about Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft FrontPage, and Microsoft Access.  In addition, we can also provide specific courses in each program for need covered outside of the general topics.  Contact Us today to schedule your office for a class, or come on in for one-on-one training.
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